I forgot the bra. Bad Katje.

I’m delaying the release of Stranger Skies in paperback by a month. It was supposed to be out by Halloween, but my editor has found a bunch of things that got missed in the last round of edits, so those need to be fixed before we can release a paperback.

Of course, that means I must also fix the ebooks. That will be happening as soon as I have the full list of edits to be made; I will then be sitting down and doing the print book and all the ebooks in one go. (Read: how to work yourself to death over a few days.)

If you’ve already bought the ebook, then you should get a notice when the updated version is available.

If I’d had the same selling experience since release as I did with Bellica I wouldn’t be concerned about this, but I’ve actually sold four copies of Stranger Skies since releasing it 11 days ago (and one sold via pre-order). Apparently that marketing thing can work.

Hopefully the edits aren’t too major and you won’t notice a thing.

Later today expect to see a vlog of me reading Fifty Shades of Grey and drinking whiskey. No bra on my head. I forgot. I was very tired. Next time.

.a small confession.

I spend a lot of my time wishing I was more creative. Or. Well.  Wishing I could express my latent creativity with more ease.

I see pictures in my mind and I can’t get them to form on paper. I draw stick people and my handwriting is crap.

I create songs without words, but cannot translate them to instruments. I feel emotions that want to come out through my voice box, but all you might hear is a whimper, as I realize that I have very few skills. There are prodigies and geniuses out there. I’m not one of them. I’m smart and I have some small talent, but it’s nothing that comes easy.

And then I think maybe this would be different if only I had more discipline. If I could commit to creativity in some form every day. If I actually worked at my craft, and didn’t let it atrophy as I wallow in depression.

I need something to save me from myself, and I have a horrible sinking feeling that that thing…is me.