(an incomplete list from a hypertaster)

  • whipped cream doesn’t need sugar, and in fact is gross with it. Actual pure cream is so sweet by itself, but you need sugar for it? Heal thyself.
  • pineapple belongs on pizza. I said what I said.
  • savoury foods have too much sugar & it’s poisoning the way we taste things.
  • lemon + chocolate is an abomination. Orange + chocolate is of heaven. Don’t @ me.
  • dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate. White chocolate isn’t actually chocolate, it’s just sugar. You know I’m right.
  • black licorice is delicious. Red licorice is mostly tolerable. I’ll die on this hill.
  • guac by itself is gross, but tolerable in a 7-layer dip. Never going to pay extra for it.
  • most things don’t need any extra salt. Certainly not me, I’m salty enough.

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