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three raccoons in a trench coat. i write about witches, wolves, and warrior women. someday i hope to return to the wild where things have always made sense.


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simplify, simplify, simplify. it’s been like a mantra for me lately. i have too much on my plate, not enough spaces set at the table, and food spilling off and down into the night. it’s a mess. everything is a mess. i need to pare down. the sheer amount of things i need to do right now is breaking my… Read more »

swamp demon success story

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i was down in vancouver for three weeks, y’all. i stayed so long in the hopes of reaching perfection. i did not reach perfection. i did reach better. i am not going to upload and create an album here on my blog of the photos, because doing that and the amount of work it would take has meant i’ve postponed… Read more »

Nope, I don’t want to go back in

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Yesterday I realized I first came out of the closet 20 years ago. Actually, I came out of two of them. I was 14 and starting high school. I’d just made a friend based on the giant pentacle necklace she’d been wearing, and our joking about coming out of various closets led me to going WELL, LET ME LEAP OUT… Read more »

Life in a Pandemic

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It’s all horrendously normal, in some respects. We’re far from the epicentres of Europe or even the U.S. up here in Powell River. While the virus has hit British Columbia, it doesn’t seem to have reached us on the Sunshine Coast yet. That will change soon. Already we have a case on the Island. It won’t take much for it… Read more »